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  • Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month & Week (May 2024)

  • Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month & Week (May 2024)

    On May 6, 2024, Congress introduced a resolution declaring May 5-11, 2024 “Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week” - marking the first time Congress has officially recognized Maternal Mental Health Awareness.


    The Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health’s founder, Joy Burkhard, was involved in declaring May as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month in the first state, and the Policy Center has been supporting organizations across the nation in doing the same in their states, including, most recently, Indiana and New Hampshire.


    The [Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week] campaign has run the first week of May each year. It was first launched through the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health and, in 2017, through TheBlueDotProject. The campaign was turned over to Postpartum Support International along with TheBlueDotProject to lead along with their world maternal mental health day and to promote the U.S. maternal mental health hotline, which PSI held the Health and Human Services Agency contract

  • Black Maternal Health Week 

    Black Mamas Matter Alliance - Black Maternal Health Week

    Black Maternal Health Week is a week long campaign held annually, starting on Thursday April 11th through Wednesday April 17th, which is founded and led by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance​ “to build awareness, activism, and community-building​ to amplify ​the voices, perspectives and lived experiences of Black Mamas and birthing people”.


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    Black Mamas Matter Alliance 

    Visit the Black Mamas Matter Alliance page to learn more!

  • HRSA Highlight - Nicole Barnett

    In honor of Black Maternal Health Week 2024 (Thursday 4/11 - Wednesday 4/17) HRSA highlights Nicole Barnett's journey through postpartum depression. Nicole talks about the strength it takes to seek help while breaking down some of the stigma surrounding maternal mental health.
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